Your dissertation is one of the final steps before receiving your degree. For this reason, you want to be sure it is done correctly. Sometimes we find ourselves up against a tight deadline, but we still want to produce quality work. If you find yourself with one week to complete your nursing master’s dissertation—you can check out these tips below.

  1. 1. Plan Your Time
  2. Prioritize your list of duties for the week, because you will need to dedicate nearly all of your time to this task. Push back, rearrange, or cancel conflicting engagements if possible. Once you have your duties for the week settled, you will be able to create a daily agenda—planning down to the minute.

  3. 2. Swiftly Select Topic
  4. The first task on your agenda will be to swiftly select a topic. You should already know what interests you in the field of Nursing. You will want to pick a topic that interests you and one that you already have knowledge of—that way you are able to remain engaged while writing. This will help you get work done faster and also better written.

  5. 3. Complete Prep Research
  6. With a topic in mind, you will want to do a little preliminary research to make sure there is enough information available on the topic.

  7. 4. Devise an Approach
  8. Now that you know there is enough information on your topic, you will want to devise an approach. By deciding what exactly you intend to discuss in the dissertation will give direction to your research.

  9. 5. Continue Targeted Research
  10. Now you know what you intend to prove or argue in your dissertation, so you will know just what kind of data and information you are seeking. You will spend less time doing general research; opting to search for the information you know you need.

  11. 6. Plan as You Search
  12. If you are creating an outline during your research process, you are able to quickly and easily keep information organized. This will help you expedite writing.

  13. 7. Stick to Deadlines
  14. As long as you stick to every deadline you set for yourself, you will successfully complete the thesis!

  15. 8. Edit as You Go
  16. You will have less time for drafting and editing later, edit as you go and complete each section. You can always either ask professionals online to edit your work or do it yourself later.

  17. 9. Ask for Help in Advance
  18. You may not have time to have someone proof your work, but if you ask someone at the beginning of the week the chances will be more likely.

  19. 10. Persevere!
  20. Keep going—you can do it!

By following these ten steps you will be able to successfully finish your Nursing Master’s dissertation in one week. Despite being on a tight deadline, with the provided planning and preparation, you will still produce the superior work of a slowly compiled thesis. If you feel that these tips are not for you, check out for more.

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