If you are new to the process of obtaining a custom written dissertation example online, then we have laid out the process below. Here we will show you five easy steps on how to find a service, what to say when you contact one and how to get the most out of the company.

Step 1: Find a few decent academic writing services

Once you know the criteria for a good writing company like DissertationExpert, you can get hold of a list of some great ones on the internet and use those criteria to find the best one. Go through their website and make sure of the following:

  • The company offers the services of native English writers
  • No plagiarism is tolerated by the company
  • Deadlines are treated as important
  • Free revisions are offered if students are not entirely satisfied
  • The website contains a number of helpful blogs

Step 2: Contact each one and get quotes

Now it’s time to contact some of the better companies and gauge the service you receive. Note how the consultants treat you and don’t be shy to voice any concerns you may have. Ask tons of questions and don’t let anything be left to chance.

Step 3: Ask for a list of dissertation topics

Get a list of topics from the consultant you are dealing with. Choose one closest to your own topic and ask about the person who wrote it. Are they native English? Do they understand the rules about plagiarizing? Will you be able to consult with the writer throughout the writing process? All these are important questions, so ask away.

Step 4: Negotiate on the price

  • Many don’t know this, but you can ask for a discount at certain academic companies by doing the following:
  • Offer to bring a friend as additional business
  • Offer to bring in more work in the future
  • Offer to write a testimonial for their website

Step 5: Use your example to write a stellar paper

  • Now that you have a great example, use it to perfect three elements in your own dissertation:
  • Note the format of the outline and copy it using your own subtitles
  • Gain insight into the style of writing and how the argument is laid out throughout the paper
  • Look at how the references are worded in the biography

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